Wah Hep Chinese Community Association represents and provides services for the Chinese community in County Armagh. Wah Hep means “Chinese self-help”, which reflects the fundamental philosophy of the group. Wah Hep was formally established and constituted as an independent organisation in 1999. Aims and objectives are as follows:

-To encourage the Chinese community to unite and to improve the cultural and social needs of the community so that people are looked after and their needs addressed.
-To work, within a framework of racial equality, in partnership with statutory and voluntary
bodies to promote community development and work for the benefit of the community.
-To help children and teenagers attain their full potential within the education system and secure quality of access to services.
-To achieve equity of treatment for the elderly and families, particularly in terms of heath and social welfare and human rights.
-To promote Chinese culture, tradition, and heritage and work towards the elimination of racial harassment and inequality by promoting awareness of the Race Relation (NI) Order 1979.
-To promote community development through the establishment projects such as: After School Club, Adult English Language Classes, Chinese language and cultural classes for all ages, and the establishment of a community centre. Increased access to all statutory services and full participation in social, public and economic life.
Wah Hep works to prevent hate crime by increasing mutual understanding and respect, promote good relations, through celebrating diversity, anti-racism and equality training. By advancing participation and sense of belonging through single identity work / cross community activities and therefore improves community cohesion and integration.

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